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All acquisitions require a proof of identity.
Please arrange an appointment. Thank you.

Gold and Silver

I am looking for any kind of gold jewelry, gold watches and rings. Damaged jewelry or dental gold are suited for melting down. For exclusive pieces of jewelry with expensive gemstones we arrange an expert assessment in the GRL laboratory in Berne (Dr. Engel), so that you are as the seller are as much in the picture as I as the possible buyer. Unlike professional evaluators I will provide you with a binding offer - particularly in cases of divisions of estate the heirs decreasingly want to know theoretical insurance values but instead a concrete cash offer. This is what I can provide. I also buy silver cutlery.

Please note: Silver objects have to be stamped with a hallmark (.800 or .925). Usually, cutlery is only silver-plated with a hallmark of 100 or 90 - unfortunately, these I cannot commercialize and accordingly I do not buy them.


I am looking for older models, preferably gentlemen′s watches of superior brands such as Rolex, Omega, Jaeger etc. Additionally, pocket watches in gold and silver, including faulty ones for export.

Coins and Medals

I am always looking for expensive individual objects or complete collections from all over the world. For Vrenelis please note the separate purchases and sales list. Do not hesitate to offer me even very exclusive objects, because my annual demand for new acquisitions is high. I also buy coins from today′s Euro-area, thus for example German D-Marks, Austrian Schillings, Italian Liras etc.

Bank Notes

As an established expert on Swiss bank notes I am looking not only for rarities in every price range, but will also buy bank notes from all over the world for my many international customers. Here too I will buy notes from today′s Euro area.

Cost-free Valuation

A rough estimation is free of charge for you! Important: Arrange an appointment.
Of course you can receive information over the telephone, if at all possible, free of charge.